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Precisement excels in both precision robotics and laser processing solutions. We address the market needs for advanced packaging solutions required for emerging deep-tech.

Precisement technology serves diverse market segments, including:


We offer a microscale, non-invasive solution for manufacturing traceability and authenticity of products in Health Care, Optics, Photonics and MEMS down to component level.

Heterogenous Packaging “System-on-Package”

We offer automation, miniaturization, process development for fabrication and integration of separately manufactured components into a so called ‘System-in-Package’ to provide enhanced functionality and performance over existing solutions.

Component Packaging & Assembly

We offer handling, manipulation, assembly and packaging of optical, mechanical and MEMS components at microscale with the possibility of automating the process.

& Repair

We provide advanced solutions for micro-LED (uLED) inspection and repair processes, aimed at enhancing overall yield efficiency.

Imprint, Patterning & Lithography

We offer a wide range of solutions designed to address Imprint, Patterning, and Lithography requirements for semiconductor and photonics applications.

Technology Solutions


We currently collaborate with clients to innovate based on their specific needs, conducting feasibility studies and swiftly prototyping proof-of-concepts.

Leveraging our existing partnerships, we offer ultra-fine laser product solutions (0.8 um – 10 um spot size) that open up new possibilities and transform existing ones. Our off-the- shelf options cover:


• Interconnect Bonding and welding

• Imprint (Marketing and Engraving)

• Measurement, Inspection, and Metrology

• Lithography and Micromachining

• Processing (Polishing, Repair, Cleaning and Annealing)


Note: All aforementioned laser products seamlessly integrate with precision robotic solutions, facilitating the development of unltrafine systems with resolutions down to sub-200nm

Our Team

Pooya Saketi

Founding Director

Pooya Saketi is a Precision Robotics Hardware Architect with a remarkable track record of 56 Patent Contributions, including 40 Granted Patents and 16 Pending Patents in the fields of microscale Optoelectronics, Photonics, and MEMS assembly and Packaging.


His professional journey has encompassed diverse roles in both technical and business capacities within start-ups and multinational corporations. Over the past 7 years, he served as a Research Scientist and Business Development Manager at META, where he successfully cultivated an extensive Global Network of Industrial and R&D Partners and Vendors.


Motivated by a passion for cutting-edge technology, he took the initiative to establish Precisement, a technology platform specializing in Precision Robotics and Laser Processing for Emerging Deep-tech. Leveraging his expertise, Pooya is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the dynamic intersection of robotics and laser technologies.

A seasoned hardware executive and founder, Pádraig brings extensive expertise in guiding both startups and large corporations through accelerated growth. His professional background encompasses key leadership positions in Senior Executive Engineering, Operations, and Board membership, successfully steering startups from inception to exits within the domains of semiconductor light sources and detection systems.


In his most recent role, spanning over 7 years, Pádraig served as the Senior Director of Meta’s Hardware Division. Here, he adeptly managed a global engineering team dedicated to the development of hardware displays for Augmented Reality.

Pádraig Hughes

Founding Director

About us

Precisement stands out as a world-class technology platform, focusing on Precision Robotics and Laser Processing tailored for the evolving landscape of deep-tech applications in both consumer and industrial sectors. Established in Q4 2023 by Pooya Saketi, a domain specialist in Micro/Nano Robotics and Laser Processing, particularly in ultra-fine photonics packaging, the company was born out of Pooya’s realization of a significant technology gap in the current market. Addressing this gap entails the seamless integration of high-precision robots with ultra-fine lasers.


Invest in tomorrow’s success story today! Join our startup where groundbreaking ideas meet boundless potential for exponential growth. Seize the opportunity to build a legacy of innovation and resilience that disrupts industries and creates lasting impact. In response to this insight, Precisement is actively crafting cutting-edge solutions in collaboration with our current top-tier manufacturers and partners, setting the stage for a new era of technological excellence.

Invest in the future of Semiconductor & Optoelectronics.

Invest in Precisement’s vision for cutting-edge technology! Join our early investment rounds to help us become a world-class innovator and leader in precision robotics and laser processing. Let’s shape the future together—contact us and be part of the journey!